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“To truly achieve success, and live a happy, meaningful life, you need to bring your whole self to your dreams with the attitude of service. With each purposeful action that you take, you are inching closer towards your unconventional goals, and that’s what makes you extraordinary!”

Prabhsimrat Gill is a bestselling author, blogger, and digital content creator dedicated to helping people discover and empower their purpose to excel in life and achieve their dreams.

With the mission of inspiring people to uncover the special gifts and the genius within them, Prabhsimrat Gill started this blog in July 2019. Since then, he has transitioned into an author and a content creator, further empowering his purpose.

He believes that every human being born on this planet has the power to think, to imagine, and to create with thought what does not yet exist, and with such a powerful force inherent in us, we can easily become whoever we want to, no matter how unrealistic it may seem. With the right direction, any person can unlock these powers. 

That direction is what he gives through his blog posts, book, and digital content. With over 2.5 years of experience in the personal development field, Prabhsimrat has studied, tried, and experimented with various concepts that he writes/speaks about, making his book, blog posts, and video content highly actionable and practical. 

He believes that we aren’t here just to live in mediocrity, we are here with the innate responsibility of going out of the conventional box, breaking records, and creating something extraordinary. 

And that’s what he did himself. With his debut self-help book, “Explore The New YOU” he broke the conventional idea that one must be old and have decades of experience to write a book. He published Explore The New YOU in November 2020 at the age of 14 and with it, became the youngest self-published non-fiction author in the world, with his record being recognized by World Book of Records, Asia Book of Records, India Book of Records, and OMG Book of Records. 

Also, Explore The New YOU became an international bestseller bagging the Number 1 Position on both Amazon USA and Canada.

Now, the question that comes to mind is, “How did he do all of this in just 2.5 years?”

The Journey

Just 3 years ago, Prabhsimrat had no idea what he wanted to do. He was interested in many disconnected things: writing, music, academics, speaking, dance, reading etc. and only thought the conventional way, “Study well. Get a degree. Get a job.”

But deep within, he knew there was something different that he was made to do, he just didn’t know what. He has always been excited about learning new things and had a deep interest in self-help and personal development. He would read many books and watch videos of motivational speakers, but never thought of entering this field himself. 

In July 2019, everything changed. Prabhsimrat has always been curious and excited to try out new things and stumbled upon blogging as a 21st Century Digital Skill. He was intrigued and decided to start a blog. That very evening, he wrote his first blog post on habits and started off on his journey as a self-help writer at the age of 12. 

As he kept writing on his blog, he started loving it, and realized that his purpose, his calling was right there in his passion for writing. Through all the concepts and ideas he had learned about related to self-growth, mindset, self-belief, habits, confidence and many other things, he had realized that all the answers that we seek, all the solutions that we pray for, are right within us. He discovered that his purpose is to inspire people to look in the right direction and discover that hidden power and potential, and words are the medium for him to express and bring this purpose into reality. 

He continued to write one blog post each week and after one and a half year, he thought of experimenting again and take things to the next level. He decided to write his first book, Explore The New YOU. 

This time around, he was clear on his purpose, his passion, and he set an exponentially high target for himself. On October 10th, 2020 he started writing his book with the goal of publishing it by 1st December 2020. While the conventional notion is that writing a book takes years, he decided to do it in 50 days, and on November 29th, 2020, Explore The New YOU was a published book. He did not only achieve his target, but beat the deadline. 

Fast forward to now, and he is a content creator too. With his online presence on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, his aim is to expand the reach of his purpose to people worldwide and help people create mindset changes that empower them, their purpose, and their success.

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