APRIL 9, 2022

We all rely on motivation, thinking that it will get us to success. What we don’t know is that motivation is the friend who’ll be the first one to stab us in the back as soon as we turn around.

Relying on it is very risky.

When everything is going great, motivation will be your best friend. Motivation will keep you going and keep pushing you down the path to success, but as soon as a roadblock comes up, motivation becomes the first one to run away.

When you’re in that challenging situation, you will not be able to bounce back by watching some motivational video on YouTube or reading someone’s motivating story. All of this is good, but not the best. Why? Because it doesn’t last.

We need something more permanent: a growth mindset.

Why Motivation doesn’t work?

Motivation is a painkiller. It numbs you to the bigger problem and challenge for some time. That’s it.

And that is precisely why it doesn’t work in the long term. It is working on the surface level and not creating any solid results for you. It is just making you feel good for a certain amount of time. It is just pushing you into an illusion that you are victorious and that you’ve conquered your life when in reality, you are right there in your bedroom staring at a screen flashing those motivating sentences to you.

Now I am not saying that motivation isn’t good. It does give you a pump, but if you solely rely on it, you’re doomed.

On the other hand, if you change the fundamental mindset and structure itself, there will be no need for motivation.

If the soil in which a plant is growing lacks nutrients, it will die no matter how much you water the plant. Similarly, if your mindset of looking at success and challenges isn’t right, you will also end up like the plant, regardless of how much you water yourself with motivation.

We’re going to add nutrients to the soil now.

What is a Growth Mindset, And Why is it Important?

A growth mindset is a mindset where you believe that your capabilities, thinking, talent, and skills are not limited to their current levels. You believe that you can learn, grow, and develop new skills that you require to get to your goals.

The growth mindset is essential because it helps you learn and overcome challenges that come on the path to success.

Sometimes, we believe that if we’ve decided to achieve a specific goal, success will come to us, and we’ll open our doors and welcome it with open arms.

That’s how it works in our dreams, not in reality.

Instead, we have to toil our way through challenges, roadblocks, and diversions and then knock on the door of success and get our entry.

That is why we need a growth mindset to help us deal with all of these challenges.

Now, we’ll understand exactly how we can develop a growth mindset in 5 easy ways.

Building a Growth Mindset: Learn Something New Everyday

Make learning a game for yourself. Every night before going to bed, write down in your journal or your diary, “What is the one new thing I have learned today? And what is it that I implemented today after learning?”

Just learning isn’t enough; you must add implementation to it, and that is when you will start to see the magic coming in.

Learning every day is essential because it helps you prepare. When you learn something new, you add new skills to your arsenal, which means you are ready to combat any challenges and problems.

The number one thing that problems hate is a person who is prepared. They hate the person who says, “Bring it on. I am ready.” And you can become that person when you start learning something new every day.

Building a Growth Mindset: See Challenges as Opportunities

The perspective through which we look at things is critical in defining what they mean to us. As Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

And that is the same with the challenges and problems you encounter in your life. Instead of saying, “Oh god, why did you have to give me another problem? Don’t you see I already have enough?” Say, “Thank you for this problem. I know this is an opportunity for me.” Be grateful for it. That’s what people with a growth mindset do.

You might be thinking, “Prabhsimrat, are you out of your mind? Why would be grateful for a problem?”

Well, here’s the answer. Challenges aren’t there to stop you. They are there to help you grow. That challenge will help you grow into and become the person you’ve always wanted to be; therefore, see it as an opportunity to test your skills and succeed.


With these two mindset changes under your belt, you will build a powerful growth mindset that will help you succeed and grow throughout your life.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

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