FEBRUARY 25, 2022

Success doesn’t come from doing one big thing but from the small things you do every day. Are you going towards success with your daily actions?

Your habits define the life you lead. If they don’t help you improve every day, success will become a dream that never comes true.

To make that journey easier for you, I will be sharing seven habits to improve yourself and boost your self-confidence so that you are on the path to driving success into a reality.

Habit 1: Practice Gratitude

You never know if you’ll have the next moment or not. Then why waste it cribbing and complaining about something negative when you can live every moment in happiness and joy?

That’s where gratitude comes in. When you express gratitude, you share an uplifting, genuine, and heartfelt emotion with whatever or whoever you are grateful for, creating positive energy that flows around you.

All successful and happy people never take things for granted. When they meet a new person, they thank them. When someone helps them out, they express gratitude. When something goes wrong in their lives, they express gratitude for that and take it as a learning experience.

Gratitude shifts your focus from what you don’t have to what you have. Gratitude turns your attitude in life from cribbing about everything that goes wrong to appreciating and counting your blessings. Gratitude changes your state from negative to energetic and positive.

Building the practice of gratitude is simple. Start from what you have: your hands, your breath, your mind, your feet, your family, your friends, your work, your mobile phone, and so much more. These things seem irrelevant but play a massive role in defining your outlook towards life.

Imagine that everything in life is taken away from you. All you have left is your body and some clothes. Nothing else. How would you react to all of these blessings, then?

It would be entirely different. You would have realized how crucial of a role these tiny things played in your life.

Why wait for that unfortunate day to become the reality of your life? Start by appreciating these little things today, and positive energy will soon come knocking at your door.

Habit 2: Practice Affirmations

What you say to yourself is who you become. We work just like our computers. If you go on google and type, “Best cafes in New York City.” you will not get the results for “Best Libraries in London.” It is just not possible. Your life is the same. Whatever input you give to your mind is what you will get as the output.

What is your general input to your mind? For most people, it is negative, crippling, and troublesome. They keep pitying and complaining about how they are foolish, sad and never get anything done well.

This is a subtler version of what truly goes on in our heads. We say things that we would never say to anyone else. Then, what outcome do we get? Negative and troublesome situations in life.

Change that pattern today. Start saying positive things to yourself. Have a vision board that you can look up to. Sit next to it and write everything down as an affirmation, and finally, say those affirmations out loud in front of a mirror. You will start noticing a change in your thoughts, actions, and eventually, your results in life.

Habit 3: Have a Morning Routine That Makes You Happy

The first 2 hours of your day will change how you spend the other 22.

Craft your morning routine in a way that makes you happy. Do things that make you feel energetic. When you start the day with the right mindset, you get into the position of power, focus, and positivity, making you feel incredible and productive!

Read. Exercise. Meditate. Take a long bath. Play your favorite musical instrument. Practice Affirmations. Do journaling and so much more.

When you start with positive energy, it redefines how you manage your time and work.

Habit 4: Connect with New People

A pivotal habit to improve yourself and boost self-confidence is connecting with new people.

Relationships and connections are everything. They are the gateways to opportunity, success, and tremendous growth. If you can tap into that power, you become limitless.

Whenever you meet someone, say hello, ask them a question, and be an interested listener. Have excellent communication skills, and you will start making great relationships.

When you find someone online, interact with their content and then shoot them an email or a DM. Appreciate them, thank them, ask them a specific question, and keep it short and sweet. Then, keep the conversation going.

You will unlock massive possibilities.

Habit 5: Pick up a Hobby

Your work is not everything. Your work is not your life. If you make it so, you will be in stress, confusion, and lack of growth.

Have something outside of work that you do just because you love it. Why does it matter? There are two main reasons, and both of them contribute to your journey to improve yourself and boost your self-confidence:

  1. It gives you a break from your work and refreshes you. When you have a hobby, you have something that you can look up to enjoying at the end of the day that contributes to your growth. It adds fun to your life and prevents you from getting burned out.
  2. It sends a powerful message to your subconscious mind. When you take time to focus on a hobby and develop it, you send your mind a statement that you value yourself. You are not doing it for the money or anything else but just for yourself. And the fact that you are willing to spend time doing something you love makes a bold statement about your value, which boosts your confidence.

Habit 6: Learning and Implementing New Things

A critical part of growing every day to improve yourself and boost your self-confidence is learning and implementing new things. The second aspect matters even more than the first one.

All of us learn something or the other every day. A new fact. A new idea. A new concept and much more.

But the problem is, we implement none of it. We end up becoming intelligent losers.

How can we avoid that? By implementing all that we’re learning.

Make it a habit to implement and act upon at least one new learning daily and see your growth skyrocket.

Habit 7: Reflect and Journal

The more you understand yourself, the more you can improve yourself and boost your self-confidence. Journaling plays a critical role in doing that.

When you write and reflect upon the day that went by, write down your learning, write down your mistakes, write down your successes, and you will start finding out who you are.

Write down any thought that’s troubling you or whatever you are thinking at the moment. You will see solutions appear on the paper.

That’s the magical power of journaling. The more you write, the more you understand yourself. Build this habit, and you will become an incredible person who keeps growing every day.


Growth is a journey. Positivity is a journey. Success is a journey, and building confidence is a journey.

With these seven habits, you will start building this incredible journey that leads you to all of these beautiful destinations.

Start now and build your dream life!

Partnering in your success, happiness, and growth,