OCTOBER 29, 2019

Every adversity, every failure, and every heartache, carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.

-Napoleon Hill

This is what happens in Steve’s life every morning – he wakes up, brushes his teeth,  gets ready for school, goes to the kitchen, makes his breakfast and eats it, and finally heads over to the bus stop with his sister and goes to the school.
Pretty normal. Right?
Steve is not a normal boy going to school. He lost both of his legs in a car collision. Despite this enormous adversity, Steve is living normally and overcoming all of his challenges and he is also completing his education at the same time. Many people are shocked when they come to know about this. They feel that the day when Steve lost both of his legs would have been the worst day of his life.

When Steve is asked about this, he says that he has never had a bad day in his whole life!!! It is quite amusing when Steve says that.

No day is good or bad. It is what we think about our day that makes the difference. Now, what do you think about yesterday; was it good or bad? Your answer will be either of the two. Then, if I ask you why was it either good or bad, you might tell me that you were in an adverse situation or you failed at something or you suddenly fell ill. So any event or experience can make you decide if your day was good or bad. Right?

No day is bad. Every day is good and full of learning.
If you failed your exam, you might feel that you are a failure and that the day when you came to know about your marks was bad. It was not.
Everything that happens in your life is happening for a reason. God knows the reason, no human does. Even the most adverse situation like that of Steve’s, encounters a person for their benefit. No one knows how the adversity will help them, but they need to trust God and it will soon unfold in front of them.
It is the same with failures. If you fail at something, God is giving you the signal that something was wrong in the way you worked towards achieving your goal and that is why you failed.
With every failure, God gives you a chance to improve.

It seems very untrue when you don’t know how some things happen. But in this case, the “how” doesn’t matter. What matters is your thoughts, feelings and emotions, as they are what communicate with God, which is the universe. If it were that easy, everyone could have overcome their adversities and failures easily. But, the universe tests us here as well. If you focus on your problem and you worry about it, the universe will send you the thoughts and results equivalent to your emotions and feelings and thoughts. Yes, at some points in life, it is difficult to concentrate on the good around; the adversity and difficulties seem very strong in front of the good. This happens. In a very difficult situation, everybody will be enslaved and gripped by negative emotions and fear of ‘what next’.
But, we have the control of our mind and it is dependent on us as to how fast we break through and escape the prison of negativity and fear.
The key to the exit of the prison is on the end of it. But, first we need to open the door of the cell, then walk all the way down the corridor and then finally grab the keys and exit the prison. So, first of all, we need to go to the base of these negative thoughts and fears. You need to ask yourself why are you feeling this way and most probably the answer will be within you; you need to search for it.
Then, you will need to gain control over your wandering mind. The more you will concentrate on the fears, the more stronger and realistic they will become. So, when the fears and the negativities are very strong in that adverse situation, take a deep breath, and think about the worst thing that can happen to you.
Just think. When you find your answer, your fear will be gone, because now you know what is the worst thing that can happen to you out of this difficulty; so you will not be stressed about what will happen next, as you already know the worst ever situation you will land in.

The next step that you need to take is to be grateful for all the things you already have. Be grateful for your body, the shelter you have, your family, even your adversity.
Tell God, Dear God, I thank you for this adversity and challenge I am facing in my life. I know that there is a reason behind this situation and you will always stand by me. All that you do is for my benefit, and this adversity is very challenging and deep. I am happy and grateful for this, as this will carry a great benefit and learning for me in the future. I don’t know how, but this will definitely result in something good and exciting. THANK YOU.” 
Every time you feel low or you are in an adverse situation, say this with full faith and belief and soon your negative emotions will be gone.

It is upon your mind, and it is upon you which thoughts you allow to dwell inside you. In every adverse situation, you need to take control of your mind. When you fail, you need to learn the lesson from your failure and you cannot just label that day as bad. No day is bad. All days are good and full of learning. If Edison had classified the days of his failures as bad, you would certainly not have had the privilege to sit under your light bulb at night and enjoy dinner with your family.

Learn from your failures and embrace the goodness of your adversities, and grab the steering wheel of your wandering mind. Don’t keep on dwelling on your negative thoughts and emotions. You will have to concentrate towards being grateful for everything, including the adversity. You will surely learn and prosper. When you are stuck in an adverse situation, it is easy to get into feeling negative and feeling like the world has ended. It does happen in extreme situations when there is no hope around; but still, you need to take control of your thoughts.

This is why Steve said that he never had a bad day in his life!

Thank you so much for reading this blog and I hope it helped you in one way or another. Also, go back and read the quote at the starting of this blog and try to understand and reflect upon it. You can share your reflection in the comments!!! Once again, thank you very much!!!