NOVEMBER 26, 2019

The cure for boredom is curiosity.

-Dorothy Parker

It is seven in the evening. You have finished all your work and you have two hours to spare. What would you do?
 Maybe read a book, watch the next two episodes of your favourite Netflix series etc. The choices are endless, but boredom still exists in this world. Why do we feel bored when we have so many things to do? Why do we feel bored even when we are doing something? There is a void, a void unique and special to each one of us. The destination is different, but the path is the same…

Boredom is a prison – a prison that traps and limits our thinking and our mind only to the materialistic world. The void exists because the mind is not limited to the physical boundaries of our world. The mind cannot be limited to anything because it is an ever-expansive universe. Its limits are the end of infinite. Every mind is vital and important to this universe and it is just mere foolishness to limit it.

In today’s world, we have so many things to do. We are doing most of them without knowing the real purpose behind it and that is why we feel bored. Everything is materialistic today. Focusing so much on materialistic growth has created an illusion in our mind. THE ILLUSION OF MATERIALISTIC LIVING. We have become so engrossed with the physical things that these days infinity and the universe seem to be unknown to the common people. This illusion makes us believe that everything in this world is physical. Whatever you can see, it exists.

That is why when we have nothing to do, we feel bored. Nothing is there for us to do. The urge to be busy in something or the other builds up. This happens because boredom is a vicious prison. This illusion is what fuels boredom. When your mind tries to wander away, you bring it back to this limit. You feel that this is what life is and this is the limit till where life exists. So you are fearful of going beyond this limit. Your mind knows it, and it wants you to know it as well. There is a whole universe ready to receive you with warm arms. But there is one condition – you need to break through the prison and the illusion of boredom. Whenever you feel bored, your mind is trying to allow you to break through the prison.

The void exists because the universe works on balance. Our life is not balanced. We are obsessed with the physical and limited world, yet strangers to the infinite, boundless and abundant universe. This illusion keeps us imbalanced. What we need to do is calmly sort out and understand it. You limit your mind and create a small little comfort zone where you don’t risk getting out of it and just limit yourself. When your mind wanders, you become fearful of not coming back to the comfort zone. That is why the urge to be busy comes up.

There is always a way out. All of us are trapped in this prison of boredom, but very few of us realise that there are no locks to either the cells or the doors! It is when you are in the state of realisation and in the present moment, that you can observe and deeply understand. When you realise that, you are ready to break free!

To realise and to break free, let go of the fear and just let your mind wander. Let it go. Let it simply absorb your beautiful surroundings! When you have free time, realise this truth and let your mind be free to connect with the depths of the universe. Find your purpose and may you fulfil it to greatness!

Thank you so much for reading my blog! Discover your purpose, move past that fear and a world of infinite possibilities, happiness and fulfilment awaits for you, beyond the limits of the physical world…

Wishing you greatness and abundance,