SEPTEMBER 13, 2019

“All you have to do is express yourself, not impress others. And to truly express yourself, you need to understand who you are and you can do it by looking inside you.”

-Prabhsimrat Gill

Which person do you understand the most in the whole world? Your answer might be your mother, your father, your best friend and the list goes on and on. But, in order to understand any person on this planet, it is very crucial to understand one person, and that person is YOU…

Yes, if you truly want to understand your parents or your friends, you need to understand yourself first. And you can understand who you are by giving some time to yourself in solitude and reflecting. Ask yourself a question right now, “WHO AM I??” and your answer should not be your name. If you truly know who you are and if you undoubtedly understand yourself, you should be able to give yourself an answer that should speak of who you actually are at the psychological level. If you are not able to find that answer, then this blog is surely going to help you…

To profoundly understand yourself, you need to look inside yourself. By this I don’t mean that you need to dissect yourself, look at what is inside you and then believe that you have understood yourself. You will probably be dead by the time you even complete the dissection!!! By looking inside, I mean that you need to reflect on your thoughts, actions and emotions, you even need to ask some questions to your mind and then you have to think and reason extensively to find the answer. This process is called self-reflection.

Now many of you will think how to do self-reflection? The answer lies in here. The first step is to find a place and time where you will not be disturbed by anyone, even your phone! Then you need to just rewind your day.Then one by one, start off by asking ‘WHY?’. If you were angry at the waiter in the cafe you just visited today, you need to ask yourself, “Why was I angry at the waiter today?” and then if you think and think and think, you will finally reveal the truth about your frustration at that specific time. It might have happened because you were given extra work by your colleague or you lost the keys of your house. In any situation like this, you start to either panic or you react instantly and after sometime, you feel that your reaction was very peculiar at that time. You react instantly or you panic because your mind is trained in that way. When you come to know about the additional responsibility or a mistake, a hormone called Cortisol is released and it causes the mind to react instantly. If you start the practice of thinking before acting, then you will be able to control this panic.

You can develop this practice by self-reflection, you just need to ask the question- ‘WHY’ and make improvements the next day. Like I mentioned in my first blog post, a habit is formed when you repeat an action for 21 days without any fail. If you practice self-reflection like this, you will make it a habit in 21 days and a part of your lifestyle in 90 days. The power of self-reflection is incredible, it can help you develop the habit of questioning and asking the right question at the right place. Real intelligence is questioning yourself and others at the right time and asking the right questions. The reason as to why this is stated as real intelligence is that after questioning yourself, you are thoroughly aware of what you are doing. And when you are aware of all of your actions, you reach the level of spirituality. You have achieved the meditative state, which is often talked about by all the spiritual gurus.

Self-reflection is what will take you to the path of success. When you are fully aware of your actions and your thoughts, you then truly understand who you are. Then you will be able to find out your purpose on this planet and you will be able to make yourself who you are truly meant to be.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and I won’t let you wait long for the next one. Once again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!