DECEMBER 13, 2020

According to Google Trends, the search volume for “How to find success?” is on a continuous rise for many years. As we see more start-up opportunities, more job opportunities, and more choices open up with the advent of the digital world, we try and seek success in as many things as possible. We try to read about it in books. We try to find it in YouTube videos. We try to get the answer by reading many blogs on the internet. But do we get any reliable, proven, and easy formula to success? No.

Then, where is the problem? Why don’t we get the answers when so many people are searching for them? Is the problem with the internet that it is not able to get the answers? Is it with the people who write books on success? Or is it with the people searching for success?

The problem is not with the internet, books, or people. The problem is in the mindset that drives these searches across the internet. It is the mindset we have that makes it impossible for us to find the proven formula for success. Success exists for real, but those who achieve it don’t look for it on the internet.

The internet will never give you the answers because it is so full of them. As of 12th December 2020, when I search the term “how to find success” on Google, it gives me about 1,630,000,000 results in 0.61 seconds! That’s over one and a half million search results in less than a second! Will you be able to read each of these 1,630,000,000 results? It is humanly impossible (unless you are a superhuman capable of reading ten thousand words a minute!)

That’s the exact problem. When we try to seek answers from outside sources like the internet, we need to choose from over a million different choices, and not all of them are correct.

Then how do we find the right path to success? The answer is— by looking inwards. We have a natural tendency to undermine our abilities and think that the correct answers are the ones outside of us and not the ones that we already know. Therefore, we go out on the internet looking for answers. It seems logical to do that, right? But it isn’t logical at all!

Let’s say that you are in London and you want to go to Birmingham. Will you ask the way from a person you see across the street in London, or will you call up your friend in New York and ask for the way? You will ask the person who is next to you across the street because it makes sense to do that. When you want to know your path to success, do you think it will be logical to ask it from an unknown person sitting hundreds of miles away who doesn’t even know who you are? It won’t be, because then you are just asking for your way to Birmingham from a person sitting in New York.

You need to find out your path to success by asking the person who knows you a hundred percent and is the closest to you, and that person is YOU! Google won’t give you the answers and neither will a person sitting on another corner of the globe. You will get your answer only from within yourself. All you need to do is look for it.

Your path to success resides in you, and to find it, you need to know where you are and what you need to do. All the successful people in the world did what they wanted to do by following their passion, and they carved their way to success. They did not find it in books, blogs, people, or places, but in themselves. All these books, blogs, and 1.6 million results are only triggers for you to start working towards your success, and that is why nothing can give you the sure-shot way to success.

Just looking into yourself also won’t give you the answer. You need to look inside yourself with a certain perspective to find out more about yourself, and all of the blogs and books ever written about success are the guides that help you develop that perspective. Using that perspective is in your hands.

Success begins from within. Happiness starts from within, and fulfillment begins from within. To truly find all of this, you need to master and build yourself. All the successful people in this world have one trait in common— self-mastery— because you cannot go within and carve your path to success without any command and grip over yourself.

In most straightforward words, self-mastery is knowing yourself and consciously building your actions so that they take you towards the meaning you want to fulfill. Self-mastery begins with the prefix “self-“ because it starts with you and you only. You are like an explorer traversing through thick jungles. The success you want to find is on the other side of the jungle. The external sources of finding your path like books, blogs, and different perspectives are the ship that brought you to the coast of this jungle. But, self-mastery is the compass that will guide you through and take you on this journey of self-discovery.

When you develop and build yourself the way you genuinely want to, you are on the path to self-mastery, and that is the first step towards carving your way to success. The 1.6 million Google results and books will inspire you to take action and take you to the shore, but it is up to you to pick up the compass of self-mastery and start defining your path to success by consciously building your life and entering your jungle.

Look inside yourself because success and self-mastery all begin from within. Get to the shore, and courageously enter the jungle. Start building your life and make this voyage of yours as enjoyable as possible because you will be on the mission to explore the world no one ever stepped foot on!

I sincerely thank you for reading! I hope that after reading this, you understood how to define and form your path to success. If you have any questions or feedback on this post, then feel free to pin it down in the comment box! If you want to unlock the key to happiness, success, and fulfillment by diving deep into this concept and understanding the various aspects of this journey on a much more elaborate level, do check out my book, “Explore The New YOU” by clicking here!

Partnering in your success and growth,