APRIL 1, 2022

On the journey to success, there are many choices that we have to make. We are always at various crossroads where we have to decide, should we go to the right or should we go to the left? But above all of this, one debate that rises like cream on top of the milk is: should you focus on goals or should you focus on habits? And in this blog post, you will get complete clarity on exactly what you should focus on and how you can build your success fast?

What is the Debate?

There is a lot of literature surrounding these two topics: goals and habits. Essentially, there are two perspectives on this debate.

The first perspective suggests that people should focus on goals and not on building habits because just building habits will not lead you anywhere. You must have a goal and a vision that you want to achieve, and when you are dedicated to it and inspired by it, you will achieve success.

On the other hand, the second perspective leans more towards building habits. It suggests that you should actually be focused on building good habits and systems that help you grow on a daily basis, and then success will become a byproduct. Just having a goal will act as instant motivation, and you will never be able to achieve it. Instead, build habits.

The big question is, “What should you focus on; goals or habits?” And the answer to it is not just a simple yes or no. It is deeper than that.

The problem with the debate.

The real solution to this debate isn’t black and white because there is a big problem with the question of goals vs. habits. Whenever we think of A versus B or anything like that, we think from the WIn/Lose Mindset. We think that it is either this “or” that. When in reality, it doesn’t always work that way. Things don’t always have to be mutually exclusive.

Therefore, when we look at this debate from this point of view, we realize that thinking in terms of “or” isn’t going to help us. We can never just rely exclusively on goals or habits. We need both of them.

That’s why we need to replace the word “or’ with the word “and” and realize that actually, we have to think from an inclusive or a Win/Win mindset where we focus on building both goals and habits together. Why is that important? That’s what we’ll decode now!

Why are goals and habits important?

The people who are actually successful realize that engaging in this debate about goals vs. habits is not going to lead them anywhere. Instead, they focus on taking action and succeeding by building goals and habits.

To understand how that works, let’s first take a quick overview of the definitions of goals and habits and why they are essential.

In simple words, a goal is your destination. It is a place you want to get to in the future. It is the vision that you want to turn into reality. And there can be various examples: wanting to go to your favorite graduate school, wanting to write a book, wanting to build a startup, and so much more. Those ideals that we have about what we want to be and what we want to have or what we want to achieve are what goals are.

On the other hand, habits are actions that we take on a daily basis like brushing our teeth, exercising, working, answering emails, making breakfast. These are actions you are habituated to doing. There can be some bad habits that cause you problems in some areas of your life.

Now, why are both goals and habits important? Here’s the answer!

Goals give you direction. Goals show you the place where you should concentrate your efforts. Goals show you exactly where you should be going. And habits are the vehicle that gets you to your destination. They help you take action on a daily basis so that you are progressing and getting to where you really want to go.

Both are interdependent because, without the other, one will not lead you to success. If you just have goals and no habits to support them, you are daydreaming. Your wishful thinking will not turn your dreams into reality; your actions will. And if you just take action and focus on only building habits and systems, you will not understand the result you are getting from them. You will be going round and round in a loop, building habits but not getting to the success you want.

Build both, and you will have a superpower within you!

And there you have it! The final answer to the question of Goals vs. Habits!

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