APRIL 15, 2022

The number one thing that we need to achieve our goals is commitment. Without being committed, trying to be successful will be like making an apple pie from oranges. It just won’t happen.

We set goals with total excitement, but we back off when it comes to executing and being committed to those goals. Fear sets in. And to avoid confronting those fears, we let go of our commitment and don’t take any action on the goals we want to achieve.

When we let that fear control our actions, we will never achieve success. That’s why we need to build our commitment and act on it. Otherwise, we will end up in a cycle of sadness and negativity, eventually ending our lives with a heart full of regrets.

There’s a way to change this cycle and commit to our goals, which we will understand in this blog post.

What is commitment, and why is it important?

In simple words, commitment is when you decide to do something and give it your hundred percent no matter what. You don’t care about the challenges and the problems that come up; you care about the destination and the goal you want to reach. You care about the purpose you want to fulfill, and when you do that, you feel powerful, you feel incredible, and you overcome all the challenges that come in the way. Even if overcoming those challenges requires a lot of discomfort, pain, and effort, you will do it because it matters to you.

Commitment is important because it helps you stay consistent in your efforts and compound your success. When you decide to do something, you must be consistent in it. Otherwise, your efforts will amount to nothing. Success isn’t a one-time shot. It is a daily discipline.

If you lose 10 pounds by exercising and eating well for two months, you have to continue that to be in that good shape. Instead, if you feast on unhealthy food for even ten days, you will boomerang back to where you were before you got in shape and most probably in a situation worse than that. Losing 10 pounds and then gaining 12 makes no sense. Success works in the same way. And by being committed, you adhere to this principle of success and keep achieving it day after day.

Being committed also helps you deal with the lack of motivation. Motivation is not going to lead you to success. It will lure you into its shiny trap, and when challenges come up, it will leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere, all alone. But when you are committed, you won’t need the motivation to accompany you on the journey to success. You’ll be pushing through all challenges and all roadblocks on your own, and that’s a feeling of fulfillment words cannot describe!

How to Build Commitment?

Building commitment is not as hard as toiling in physical labor and building a house. But it does require massive mindset shifts in how you look at success and how you look at the world.

And the most significant mindset shift you need to make is to stop giving excuses. You are powerful beyond your wildest dreams and limits. You are powerful beyond the scope of your thinking. If someone points a gun on your head and tells you to make a million dollars in just one month, you will find a way to do it. Wouldn’t it be great if you could unleash that power without having someone point a gun at your head?

By not giving excuses, you unleash that power. When you say, “Because of my children/work/parents/spouse/friends/location/country/financial situation and many more things, I cannot do what I want to do and achieve my goals.” you are just limiting your potential.

I don’t say that these challenges don’t exist. They do. But when you let them control your life and how you move towards your goals, you’ve lost the game even before winning it. You have given your environment and circumstances the power to control you when you are the only one who can change them. It should be the other way around. You regain that power when you try to find a way by acknowledging these challenges and moving ahead despite them. Instead of being a victim of your environment, you take charge of changing it.

Realize that you truly are a powerful and incredible person. Your ability to think, imagine, and move beyond your immediate reality is a gift bestowed upon you. Don’t waste it. Take the control into your hands and turn your circumstances around.

When you build this tough attitude, you will be committed to succeeding and achieving your goals.

Partnering in your success, happiness, and growth,