JANUARY 20, 2022

One question that I get asked a lot is, “Prabhsimrat. how are you so confident?”

And every time I hear this question, a smile comes on my face. It brings a flashback of my journey of becoming confident that began two years ago.

Yes, even I was unconfident. I did not dare to initiate conversations with strangers, speak impromptu on stage, and a lot more. But I chose to change. I decided to find out how to be confident. I learned. I implemented. And here I am today!

And now that you’re ready to change and learn how to be confident, I’ll share with you all the things that I did to build self-confidence.

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What is Confidence?

We often believe that everyone around us is confident, and we’re the ones who’re not good enough. But we forget that all of us have similar mindsets, and thus, they might be feeling as doubtful as you do. The only difference is that confident people realize that we don’t inherit confidence; we create confidence.

Simply defined, confidence is believing in ourselves and our ability to do things.

When you start out as a new driver, you’re constantly worried about when to accelerate, brake, change gears, and a lot of things. You don’t have the confidence that you can drive well. But within a few months, you don’t feel the slightest hesitance or worry in managing these multiple aspects of driving. You build that confidence, and now you believe in yourself.

Similarly, in every walk of life, you can become confident! How? Let’s explore!

How To Be Confident?

You can become super confident by following these five powerful ways:

How To Be Confident
How to Be Confident?

Change your physiology.

How do you feel after a crazy night out that leaves you with a pounding headache the next day? Not great, right? The whole day, you’re unproductive, unhappy, and confused. And when you’re in such a state, will you be confident? Obviously, no! You’re not feeling it at all! Most likely, you would become nervous and irritated.

Why does this happen? How we feel in our bodies defines how we feel about ourselves. If our body isn’t feeling good, we won’t feel good about ourselves, which will significantly impact our confidence.

Thus, the first answer to “How to be confident?” is to change your physiology. If you’re sitting all slouched up with your shoulders drooping as you read this blog post, straighten up your back, widen your chest, and stretch your arms wide open. Do it now.

How does it feel? Better than being all slouched up, right?

Just doing this and having positive body language will create a massive difference in how confident you are because your body will feel great, and thus, you’ll feel great about yourself!

Center yourself in the present moment.

Do you feel more confident when everything is going out of control, and you don’t know what will happen next or when you’re in control and have a calm state of mind?

It’s the second situation.

And what if I told you that you can create that second situation any time, regardless of the problem you’re in?

That would be magical!

Here’s how to create that magic:

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Sit straight.
  3. Take a deep breath in. Observe how it moves from your nose to your lungs.
  4. Exhale deeply. Observe how the air goes out through your nose.
  5. Repeat it a few times.

This simple exercise will center you in the present moment and break all the unnecessary chains of thought running in your mind. When you’re in the present moment, you’re more in control, and thus, you feel more confident.

Change your mental state.

Confidence is having a belief in yourself. And to be confident, you must cultivate that belief in your mindset.

Just like changing your body language makes a pivotal shift in how confident you feel, changing your mental state by altering the thoughts that you repeat to yourself will also bring a remarkable change in how confident you feel instantly.

Often, the things we say to ourselves are negative, “I am so stupid. I can’t get anything done. I don’t understand what’s happening. Everything is so confusing and out of control.”

We feel negative because we keep repeating these thoughts, leaving no room for confidence.

Let’s change this thought process. Instead of repeating these negative phrases, say positive things to yourself, “I am capable. I am a great speaker. I get through every situation. I am a champion.”

These will have the same effect that the negative ones have. The only difference is that they’ll boost your confidence exponentially as you keep repeating these positive affirmations over time!

Remember your past successes.

Our past serves as a great reminder of what we’ve done, both good and bad.

And when you feel that you need a boost of confidence, remember all the successes you’ve had in the past.

Confidence is having a belief in your ability to do something, and when you remember all the challenges you’ve crushed in the past, you get the inspiration that you can push through the one standing right in front of you, which makes you feel so much more confident.

Make a list of all the things you’ve won and keep it handy. We’ve been thinking about the failures for too long. It is time to change that.

Have a future vision

When you think, “How to Be Confident,” a question that might come to your mind is, “What should I be confident for? I don’t even know what to do with my life.”

And that’s a very valid question. When we don’t know where we are headed, we will naturally feel scared, apprehensive, and risk-aversive. But when the road into the next one year, five years, and the next ten years is as clear as the mirror-like surface of a lake, you shine with confidence.

When you know where you are headed, you will push through with confidence regardless of what other people say and what challenges you face.

Take some time out today and sit alone with a pen and a paper to chart out the life you want. Define it specifically. Let your imagination flow. And paint the beautiful canvas of your life.

With this, you will get your answer on how to be confident!


Confidence is magical.

When you invest some time in getting clarity and building these habits of confidence, you’ll get results that are way beyond your imagination!

For me, becoming confident and believing in myself has made me capable of writing a book, becoming a content creator, and working on my mission of inspiring people!

Similarly, confidence will do wonders for you!

Got any questions or thoughts about becoming confident? Drop them in the comments below!

Partnering in your success, happiness, growth, and confident future,