OCTOBER 2, 2019

The two words, “THANK YOU” have the power to make or break your day.

-Prabhsimrat Gill

“Be grateful. Be grateful for all you have, from your clothes to your house, from your friends to you parents, for each and everything in your life.” This is what we all commonly hear. Many a times, we are told to say ‘thank you’ to all the people who help us, but we are never told the purpose behind it. Then the question arises, “How will thanking anyone bring a change in our life???” If you often encounter this question, this blog is definitely for you. Because, you will find the answer in a few moments.

The world of gratitude is not only limited to thanking anyone, it is far beyond that. Yes, we should be grateful for everything in our life, but we are often not aware of the purpose behind this. Being grateful has an impact on your life in the same way as the water cycle or climate change, indirect but significant. The water cycle does impact your life on a daily basis, even when it rains or it is dry; in the same way you can feel the impact of climate change on your life in each and every moment. It is the same with gratitude. Thanking a person today will have a better impact on your life in the present and the future…

Now you might feel that you have thanked the waiter at your favourite restaurant a thousand times, but it has not had an impact on your life in anyway. This is because at that time you don’t mean it. You most probably thank that person for the sake of it. This isn’t how the chain of gratitude works. Like the Law of Attraction, gratitude follows the same principles. You really need to believe in whatever you are saying and you need to mean it to see the results. And it is a long term process. Gratitude is great, but it takes its time to prove this…

‘Thank you’ is a very powerful word, it can really make or break your day. Imagine this situation,you had to complete a task and submit it tomorrow, but it was already 11 at night. Then, your friend agrees to help you over a video call and you finish the project by 12:30. You thank your friend, and at that time, you very well understand the value of the help and you feel really grateful. The next day, you were walking down the walkway and you suddenly toppled over a stone. You were badly hurt and you could barely stand. Then, a stranger walking down the same walkway stops to help you and even gets a first aid kit from a nearby medical store and helps you out with cleaning your wound and applying band aids. Afterwards, when you thank that person, you really mean what you’re saying; the stranger smiles and goes away. Then, on the same walkway, you see a poor beggar in a miserable condition and you remember the moment when you were helped by the stranger. This time, you go to the nearby store and you get some eatables and drinking water for the beggar. You give all this to the beggar along with some money and the beggar smiles at you, thanks you with his true gratefulness and you smile back at him. Then you tell this incident with the stranger and the beggar to other people. Then, those people appreciate you for you generosity and all these people are smiling and discussing it with a positive attitude and a positive aura in the room. On the other side, the stranger who helped you told about you to his friends and then this stranger inspires other people to help others. You inspire your friends to help others, and on the walkway, the beggar tells other beggars about you and he inspires them to be grateful and happy for whatever they get.

If you hadn’t thanked your friend that night, on the next day, you would not have been able to feel fresh and positive and bring a positive emotion in other people’s lives that day, making them positive. Indirectly, your gratefulness made your day and even other people were benefited by this. The people who would have heard about you that day, would have been grateful for something else in their own lives and that is why they received positivity. This is the way in which the complex cycle of gratitude works.

Gratitude can change everything. The why and how of gratitude is now deciphered, but there is still one secret of gratitude which is not unfolded. It unfolds…. now!!!

Gratitude is linked with the law of attraction and the universe. The universe is connected to you and it gives you the result of your actions, thoughts and emotions. When you really do or say something you mean, you are attracting whatever you say and this is where the law of attraction kicks in. It listens to each and every emotion and thought of yours and it gives you the subsequent result. When you thank someone and you believe in it, the universe knows that you are attracting positivity and gratefulness. And this is what you get as the result. The situation above is the example.

“BE GRATEFUL FOR EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE” Now you know why. Thank the universe with full belief and see how it reflects in your life. Also, you need to be patient and consistent. The universe tests you before giving away the fruit; it asks you to pay something and that is your consistency, patience and belief. Gratitude is ready to become the rainbow of your life, only if you let it become one…

Thank you so much for reading the entire post!!! I really appreciate your continuous support and after reading, please share your views on this post in the comment box. Once again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!