AUGUST 2, 2020

Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver.

-Barbara De Angelis

The more you give, the more you receive. Many of us have heard this statement in our lives. But, do we really understand its importance, and above all, its impact on our lives? This statement is self-explanatory, but seldom do people fathom its true meaning and use it to bring in a great deal of improvement in their lives. Today, we are going to do just that – understand the true meaning of kindness and giving, and how it will impact our world.

   It is very true that the more you give, the more you will receive. But, this statement is often challenged by basic questions which make us doubt our belief in this eternal truth of kindness. To understand these questions and their true answers, we first need to understand the true meaning of kindness and giving.

   The word kindness can be understood very simply if we break it down and understand its different parts. It can be divided into ‘kind’ and ‘ness’. Let us first understand the meaning of the word ‘kind’. If we notice, the suffix ‘-kind’ is used to show collectiveness over individuality in many cases like ‘mankind’, ‘humankind’ etc. The words ‘human’ and ‘man’ are singular words that describe a single thing that is called a man or a human. But the suffix ‘-kind’ makes all humans and all men one; it brings all the individual beings known as man or human under one collective roof. The word ‘kind’ has immense power, because it not only shows the collectiveness of multiple individuals, but also shows that this collectiveness survives on the very basic values of equality, love and care, because being kind means being caring and loving. So, the word ‘humankind’ truly means a collective group of all the individuals named humans who live equally under one roof on planet earth, with the principles of love and care being the founding values. 

   This is what the suffix ‘-kind’ means along with its basic fundamental values. When we make this suffix a trait and a state of being, then the main focus shifts towards being kind instead of being a part of a large collective group ending with ‘-kind’. Even when the suffix becomes a trait, its founding values remain the same. Thus, being kind simply means being loving, helpful, and caring.

   When we make ‘kind’ a noun, we add the suffix ‘-ness’, which finally gives us the word we started with, that is ‘kindness’. So, kindness truly means, “The process of giving and spreading love, hope, help and care throughout the collective existence of humankind to bring growth and happiness.” 

   This is what true kindness is – giving generously when needed to bring about collective prosperity in humankind. The act of giving out of love and care is kindness. And kindness is not only limited to giving; kindness expands when the receiver feels and expresses true gratitude for the kind help received. When kindness expands, it expands the true core of any group in the world ending with ‘-kind’. 

   The principle of giving more to receive more can be explained and understood very clearly with the help of the understanding of kindness that we now have. Many questions are raised on this principle, especially, “How can I get more if I am even giving out what I have right now?” The answer can easily be understood by understanding the cycle of kindness…

   When you give out of compassion, love and care, you spread kindness. When you spread kindness, the person, thing or animal who receives it will be grateful for it, truly fulfilling the purpose of kindness. Now, this being who has received your kindness understands the importance and impact that giving out of kindness can have because this being has experienced this. Now, this being will give out of kindness wherever it is necessary and whomsoever receives it will be grateful and give it out further. 

   This is how a simple flu turns into an epidemic, and this is how small acts of kindness can exponentially expand the core of being in this kind collectiveness. When this kindness spreads through the core of this kind collectiveness, it expands exponentially and continues to impact the individuals who are within it. As the core grows through these acts of kindness, kindness itself will expand and grow. The more kindness there will be, the more the core meaning of this kind collectiveness will expand, and vice versa. Making it a never ending loop that continues expanding.

    Remember, you are an individual who is still the part of this collectiveness, and this growing kindness will impact you as well. From anywhere in this collectiveness, you will be bestowed with kindness that was greater than what you put out. Inspired by what you will have received, you will put out even greater kindness into this collectiveness, thus growing it and bringing prosperity and happiness throughout…

   This is how you will receive more when you will give more. A very important thing to remember here is that your giving should not only be limited to the people you know. If a stranger requires help that you can provide, then provide it; you are just adding to the collective growth of humankind.  Also, when we put out kindness, we may feel or be told that we are not going to make any difference because we can’t cover the whole world. But, that does not mean stopping the small acts of kindness, because to the being who receives the kindness, it can be the most life-changing moment and blessing for them. This will in turn inspire that being to spread it; thus, the cycle of kindness grows. Kindness is also not limited to material or monetary help. Sometimes words of encouragement, showing simple support, a smile, a hug or just a positive and helpful look can count as kindness as well!

   Be kind and give, to whomsoever and anywhere. This way you will help in spreading the epidemic of kindness throughout the society, the world and throughout humankind, thus helping kindness grow and come back bountifully to you! Remember, the more you give, the more you receive!!!

Thank you so much for reading!

Well wishes,