DECEMBER 1, 2021

Almost every person on this planet has a wishlist of what they want to do and who they want to become. Your father might have wanted to become a musician, but he wasn’t. Maybe, your mother might have wanted to start her bakery, and she didn’t. And maybe, you want to travel the world but are stuck sitting in a cubicle all day. 

We all know what we want to many different things, and some of them might be things we are very passionate about. But there seems to be a particular supernatural force that just doesn’t let us act on it. When you think, “Today I’ll start learning from the piano course I bought.” and an extended office meeting comes up, and you reach home dead and tired. When you plan, “From tomorrow, I’ll start spending 30 minutes each day for painting.” You wake up late and then have no time to work on your painting. It’s as if this supernatural force is conspiring against you to stop you from doing what you love. 

Are you trying to find out what supernatural force stops you from turning your passion into reality? Well, I tried to and what I discovered was good news!

There is no force like this. You can’t turn your passion into reality just because you don’t overcome some fundamental obstacles. And that is why these kinds of questions might have come up, “Why can’t I start making passion a reality? I don’t even have the time, the money, or the skills to start working on my passion; how can I do that, then? Do I have to quit my job so that I can start following my passion? What if I don’t make any money? What if I go broke?”

If you have any of these questions, then you’re at the right place because, in this blog post, you’ll discover precisely how you can turn your passion into reality so that it doesn’t remain a dream anymore, and that begins with dealing with these questions and overcoming these obstacles. 

And the fun part is, none of these problems are outside of you. No matter how strongly you feel that your job, boss, or family is stopping you from doing what you love to do, the reality is that these obstacles are blocking you. And you have to overcome them. You can’t blame anyone for them. With this, are you ready to understand these three problems and overcome them so that you turn your passion into reality? 

Problem #1: You don’t have the time. 

Well, the truth is that no one and nothing can stop you from making time for your passion and the thing you love to do. If you have a 12-hour job, you’ll make the most of the weekends or any holidays you get. You will not go out for a party but instead, stay back and work on what you love to do. You won’t drive to work yourself but will take public transport so that in the travel time, you can learn/read more about the thing your love to do and make your base more robust. Where there is a will, there is a way. 

Now, you might be thinking, “Does that mean I have to make sacrifices?” And the answer is NO.

You are not making a sacrifice. You are making a conscious choice. Your passion matters the most to you, and thus, you start taking action on it and cut out on distractions. 

If you have multiple family commitments, you’ll try to make sure that you fulfill those, and after that, you get at least some time for your passion. If you have to attend a wedding, you might not be able to work on your passion for a few days. But as soon as you get back, you’ll be in action mode. You have to make time for your passion. It won’t happen automatically. 

Problem #2: You don’t know how to make money through your passion. 

First of all, who said that your passion has to be your profession? Ask yourself and find out why you think that your passion must be your source of income too? You might come up with various answers, but the reality is, it is okay if they are different. 

If you work as an engineer, but your passion is running marathons, you can keep your job and still keep your passion alive. You can have a source of income that helps you build a solid financial base, and when you’re confident enough and if you want to, then you can jump into your passion full time. So even if you don’t make money from your passion, it doesn’t matter. It is always great if you do, but even if you don’t, just keep doing it for the fulfillment you get!

Many people travel the work and still do a job and make a stable income by working remotely. There are so many ways, and one of them is to start by reading The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. Through this book, you’ll learn a lot about how you can make more money and then travel the world or do whatever you love to do by only working four hours per week.

Problem #3: You don’t know where to start. 

Now, this is a big problem. 

We see so many people around us and on social media doing so many different things related to what we want to do. It seems as if they have it all figured out, and they know what’s the best thing you should do. The reality is that they don’t know what’s best for you, and they don’t have it all figured out. 

But the whole influx of information that we get just confuses us, and we don’t get where do we start. 

This can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! 

The answer is simple, start where you are! Don’t look at the people around you. Look at where you are, and then whatever you think would be the best first step that will take you a step closer to your passion and your goal of fulfilling your purpose, just try that out! 

Experiment. Try. Fail. Improve. 

Keep this cycle going, and that’s how you will learn and grow!