NOVEMBER 24, 2021

Did you know that almost 85 percent of people today are unhappy with their work?

Yes. You read that right. Only 15 percent of people are actively engaged or passionate about the work they do. 

And with so many resources floating around on the internet about work-life balance, company culture, finding satisfaction in your life, and so much more, why is there such a vast difference between reality and the internet? 

Are all these videos, articles, posts, and even books just preachy stuff that never applies to real life? 

The problem isn’t in the content of these books, articles, or videos. The problem is deep within us.

We apply all of it the wrong way and then don’t get the results we expect. It is just like trying to construct a building on trees. It is just not possible, right? 

We try to create passion and joy in whatever job we land, and that’s where we get the whole equation wrong. It’s just like trying to harvest coconuts from an apple tree.

If someone comes up to you and says, “I have planted an apple tree in my garden, and in a year, I’ll harvest coconuts from it.” your first thought will be, “What a stupid guy.”

And yet, we don’t realize that we are being stupid every single day and fooling ourselves by believing that we can create passion in what we do. 

We can’t; we can only discover it and then do the work that aligns with it, and that stems from our purpose. 

If, at any moment of your life, you’ve wondered, “What is my purpose?” then you’re not alone because most of us don’t know why we get out of bed each morning. 

Is it really worth spending your entire life in dissatisfaction, misery, and dreadfulness just to get some money at the end of each month and then go for a 15-day international trip after every year or two? 

Is it all you’re here for?

Is making money everything in life? Is chasing money and having a plush bank account the end of it all? 

The sad truth is, NO. Money isn’t everything. Sometimes, the person who runs a tea stall and earns a few thousand rupees each month is happier than the executive driving the red BMW and working like a robot each day sitting at his desk, making both his belly and bank account fatter. 

When you do what you love, when you do something that fills you with energy, and when you sleep each night with a motivation and a purpose to wake up the next day, you’ll be the happiest, and then, work won’t feel like work. 

You’ll feel as if you are living your dream every single day. As a result of that, you’ll be able to make money easily, depending on how big you dream and how willing you are to take risks. 

Nothing is stopping you from becoming the next Christiano Ronaldo, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Albert Einstein, or JK Rowling. Are they biologically any different than you? No. 

You have all the qualities, traits, and intellect that these people have. You only have to uncover it and let it through. And for that…

All you need is your purpose, and then work on something that aligns with it and truly motivates you, and you’ll become the best in that. 

Money, big houses, big cars are just material achievements that don’t even scratch the surface of your potential. 

Your purpose will help you get all of that and much more. And you’ll jump into the 15 percent category and be in the league of people who are truly making the best out of what they do.

What questions do you have about your purpose or passion? Are you stuck somewhere? Comment below, and let’s all step towards the 15 percent club together!