MARCH 14, 2021

“One can steal ideas but no one can steal execution or perfection.”

—Tim Ferriss

Lack of ingenious ideas and creativity isn’t the real reason behind many people being unsuccessful; it is our own fear.

It is our fear of being overtaken by someone else.

It is our insecurity of someone copying our work.

It is a fierce battle between our fears and our success.

And, we decide which one wins.

What’s the fear?

There are 7.8 billion of us in the world, which means that there are 7.8 billion unique ideas in the world that can be successful. But according to Science, only 8 percent of us achieve our goals and success. That is about 624 million all around the world, leaving 7.2 billion people unsuccessful. Can you imagine how much more humanity and our world would prosper if those 7.2 billion ideas were implemented and executed properly? It is unimaginable.

But what fear is stopping 7.2 billion ideas from turning into reality? It may be due to financial, social, or cultural limitations. The main fear that we have, however, is that someone will copy our idea and earn fame, money, and recognition through it. We let our ego bubble and rise like yeast and are worried about our “idea” being stolen. The thought that runs through our minds is, “Should I share my ideas?”

So, should I share my ideas?

Yes, you definitely should share your ideas. You have the answer now; go ahead, share your ideas and let people copy them!


There’s something wrong, isn’t it? Yes, there are a lot of things wrong with this approach. You need to share your ideas, but you need to know the different aspects related to them.

If the fear of someone copying your idea and going ahead of you stops you from sharing your ideas and seeking more knowledge, then you must have one thing clear in your mind. If you are worried and thinking, “Should I share my ideas?” then all you need to do is remember this line –

People can steal your ideas. People can copy your house. People can copy your lifestyle. People can copy everything about you. But they can never copy you, your passion, your determination, and your power of execution.

Another primary reason behind so many unsuccessful ideas is that people think, “I will be known for what I do, so I must not share my idea as someone may copy it.” This thinking is not the truth because we are known in the world for who we become, and that is what inspires other people around us.

If Colonel Sanders were to be known for what he did, he would be as ordinary as the cook who makes fried chicken at the KFC near you. Because that’s what Colonel Sanders did – fry chicken and sell it in a shop. But that is not what we remember him for. He had the ingenious idea of providing people with tasty chicken very quickly and wanted to take it worldwide. At the age of 65, he pushed through all the social and economic barriers and challenges he faced, and that resilience and determination is what we know and admire him for. We mostly remember him for these qualities rather than his chicken.

In today’s age, almost everyone who uses a computer knows Steve Jobs. But not everyone knows about the creators of other tech companies. If Steve Jobs were to be known for what he did, then all other tech founders would also be as famous as him. But we specifically remember Steve Jobs for who he was – a great leader and an innovative thinker. His effective leadership at Apple was an inspiration to many around the world, much more than the products Apple manufactured.

So, if you think that doing something will make you successful, you are wrong. It is who you become through the process of following your idea that will make you successful. Your determination will make you successful. Your ability to execute properly will make you successful. Your growth and evolution will make you successful. Therefore, if anyone copies your idea, you don’t need to worry about being successful if you have complete faith in yourself and take appropriate actions to become something new and serve humanity through your work.

But, what if someone copies my idea?

If someone copies your idea, you don’t need to worry. You need to focus on your growth and execution, and your creations will be enough to speak for you. I write a blog each week, and with every blog post, there is a possibility of someone copying my exact same ideas and solutions and expanding on them through a book they publish. I can worry about this every week, but I simply don’t because I know that if I do my work with full dedication, commitment, and energy, I will create something I am proud of and something that helps other people. I am true to my mission, my growth, and my purpose of helping people, and that is why I never think, “Should I share my ideas?”

When you understand this, you will overcome your fear of someone copying your idea.

Why should I share my ideas?

Now you may be thinking, “Yes, I know that I should share my ideas, but why do I need to do it? Can’t I just execute my ideas on my own?”

Do you think Colonel Sanders would have been able to make KFC without sharing his ideas with others? He could not. He needed to share his idea to procure land for the first restaurant. He needed to share his ideas with people to build a market. He also may have been ridiculed. But the logic is simple – sharing your ideas allows you to gain new insights and understanding about your dream, which helps you execute better and achieve success.

Steve Jobs also had to share his ideas with his team, and anyone could have left the team to build on the revolutionary ideas on their own. But no one did because they knew that teamwork was the key to collective success and one cannot do everything on their own. We often need to seek guidance to move ahead, and we don’t let ourselves get that guidance out of the fear of being overtaken and bury 7.2 billion ideas away.

Don’t be afraid of sharing your ideas; learn and grow constantly; be determined and follow your dream, and remember that no one can copy you, your passion, and your determination. So, you must focus on becoming someone irreplaceable rather than focusing on doing something replicable.

You don’t need to focus on making chicken; you need to become resilient and determined to serve people. You don’t need to manufacture computers; you need to become the leader that inspires people to create and achieve their dreams. You don’t just need to make something out of your dream – you need to become a new person fueled by growth, passion, and purpose.

When you do all of this, you will become a part of the 624 million successful people.

Thank you so much for reading this post! Share your thoughts in the comments below and freely share your dream and ingenious idea down there because that is the best way to implement your learning!

Partnering in your success, growth, and happiness,