SEPTEMBER 24, 2021

What is the one thing that separates unsuccessful and mediocre people from the successful and extraordinary?

Is it that they lack discipline, they are unpassionate, or that they don’t focus well? 

No. These are just things that pop on the surface. The real difference isn’t visible on the surface and lies deep within.

The difference is the way people think. There’s nothing else to it. All unsuccessful people think the same way while successful people think some other way.

The mindset and thought process someone has can completely transform their lives—for good or for bad.

The mindset that we have decides which side we will go to—successful or unsuccessful.

The decision is up to you. 

What is the success mindset?

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, the company wasn’t doing well at all. Apple stock had hit a 12-year low of four dollars and had over 708 Million dollars in losses. Only a breakthrough could save the company, and that’s what Steve Jobs brought.

As soon as he became the CEO again, he created a new partnership with Microsoft, brought a swift change to Apple’s product line, and changed how Apple marketed itself and its products. 

Apple launched a new ad campaign called “Think Different” that reconstructed Apple’s brand image and revolutionized the company’s growth.

Ironically, Apple did not promote a single product through this advertisement. Instead, they promoted the idea that Apple stands on. 

And that idea, “Think Different,” is what defines the success mindset.

In that advertisement, Apple not only presented a new idea and image to people, but it also shared the key that makes someone successful

All unsuccessful and mediocre people think the same way. They don’t dream big and go for slow, tiring, and conventional growth methods to get average results. They achieve their basic targets and go through life without creating any substantial impact.

But the people who make it big don’t start with millions of dollars in their bank accounts or lots of connections. They start with a big dream, something unconventional and unachievable according to societal standards. And then they pursue it with full passion, determination, and belief in themselves and their vision. When they have this solid belief and this big, challenging dream, they’ve already achieved that dream and only need to turn it into reality.

That’s what the success mindset is based upon—thinking differently and going for a crazy dream with complete confidence and self-belief.

Confidence and self-belief are the second part of the success mindset. No matter how big you think and how crazy your dreams are, if you aren’t confident that you’ll achieve them and don’t believe in them, the dreams will just be wishful thinking that never turns into reality. 

Even if you’re far away from what your “breakthrough” dream is, you must believe so much in it that you feel as if you’re already there.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam said, “Dream. Dream. Dream. Dreams transform into thoughts. And thoughts result in action.”

And to turn these positive and success-minded thoughts into real action, we need confidence and a firm belief in ourselves, our ability, and the goal we wish to achieve.

How to Develop The Success Mindset?

Developing a success mindset requires practice. It won’t happen overnight. You need to set your eyes on a definite, big, challenging aim that you want to achieve, think about it constantly, even obsessively, then believe in your ability to get there and take action.

When you continuously repeat this loop, you will change how you think and achieve staggering breakthroughs in your life that even you thought were impossible. But when you have this success mindset and use it the right way, every dream becomes possible for you.

#1 Think Different

Let’s start by understanding the first core step that defines the success mindset: Thinking differently. Most unsuccessful and mediocre people think of growing step by step to get to a certain level at the end of their life. 

For example, a common way of thinking for mediocre people is: Get a degree, find a freshers job, get promotions every one or two years, and retire as a CEO with a big, fat salary. 

If you’re thinking this way, you are not on the path to success and breakthroughs. First of all, you’ve to understand if what you’re thinking right now is what you truly want or not. If it isn’t, then what is it that you want? Ask yourself these questions and clarify your purpose and precisely what you want to do.

Watch this video I made on How to Find Your Purpose that’ll guide you through this process:

#2 Dream Big

Now that you know exactly what your purpose is, you need to dream big. Don’t think of any ifs and buts while dreaming. The process and the path will unfold right in front of you, and you’ll get exactly what you ask for. If you dream of becoming just a millionaire, that’s who you’ll become. If you dream of becoming the wealthiest person on this planet, that’s who you’ll become. Dream as big as possible. If thinking of your dream doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable or a little anxious, the dream is too low. Whatever wish you put out into this world will be granted to you, so make it big.

#3 Be Obssessed with Your Dream

When your dream is colossal, and that’s something you’re passionate about, it will consume your mind at all times. Being obsessed with your dream is crucial to building a success mindset because anyone can dream high, but the only people who manifest the dreams into reality are the ones who are obsessed and crazily passionate about their goals.

I am not telling you to become a workaholic here. I am telling you to become so passionate that your goal becomes your single line of focus and the most important thought process in your mind.

When you are fully passionate, you get the courage and strength to push through difficult times. When Steve Jobs was building Apple from scratch with his small team, it wasn’t easy, but his vision of taking the power of computers to every household fueled his efforts to push through and build Apple.

#4 Take Action

And finally, you need to take action. Thinking will start the journey to success, but taking action towards your dream and constantly pursuing it will reinforce the success mindset and turn that vision into reality.

Most unsuccessful people think and wish, but successful people pursue their dreams. That pursuit is built upon action. 

By following this process, you’ll develop the mindset of a successful person. With constant practice, your crazy and challenging dream will turn into reality, and you’ll experience a breakthrough in your performance, growth, and achievement.


Think different. 

That’s the only way you’ll get out of the rut of mediocrity and enter the league of successful people. 

By developing the success mindset you’ve just learned about, you’ll start to see an immense improvement in your focus, productivity, performance, and happiness. You’ll do what you love, and you’ll become extraordinary in it.

Remember, the only difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the extra, and building this success mindset, reinforcing it regularly, and achieving your dreams is that extra.

What mindset do you choose now—mediocrity or success?

Partnering in your success, happiness, and growth,