DECEMBER 6, 2020

light bulb, lightbulb, light

“What is now proved was once only imagined.”

—William Blake

One of the most incredible gifts nature ever gave us is the gift of imagination— the ability to think about something that doesn’t exist. The ability to imagine and design our life consciously is the single biggest reason that has made us the most dominant species on earth. The advent of technology, the discovery of fire, the formation of civilization, and the constant pursuit of a better life begin from one seed— IMAGINATION. The human mind’s power is not defined by its complex structure but by the ability to imagine. Understanding how to use imagination to the fullest will enable us to create magic in the world, and that is what we will dive into today.

If you look at some of the most successful people throughout history, you will find one common trait in almost all of them— exceptional use of creative thought. Yes, it is creativity and imagination that lead practically every person to success. But how? Let’s understand.

When we travel overseas these days, it is just a matter of hours, and we reach opposite corners of the earth within a day. But before the time of the Wright Brothers, it was a matter of months. The airplane is the reality for us today, but for the Wright Brothers, a flying machine was just random imagination that they purposefully brought into existence.

We push a button, and there is light in our rooms and houses within a second, no matter the time of the day. But before Edison’s time, the daytime would be fine but, at night, there would be the constant worry of lighting candles and oil lamps by ensuring that there were sufficient supplies. It was Edison’s wild imagination from where the thought of a light bulb came in, and his interest in making it a reality has made our lives way easier today.

In 2007, we would not have thought that technology would grow and change so much by 2020. But the endless imagination and efforts of techies in Silicon Valley have made the first touchscreen phone differ so much from the latest.

For our ancestors, the thought of living in sophisticated and well-organized cities would have been utterly confusing. Still, it all began with the radical idea of one human tribe to settle down in one place, and that changed the trajectory of our world forever.

This is the power of imagination. Every successful person and every successful initiative began with a thought. But, so did every unsuccessful person and every failed initiative. Therefore, how does imagination define the success of a person, and why is it so powerful?

Imagination is powerful because it is the beginning of every success story and every successful person. All of us can imagine and think of something that doesn’t exist. But the way we use imagination defines the results we get. The “belief” we have in our vision defines how our idea will turn out in the future and how it will make us.

There are three things needed to make imagination and ideas successful to bring them into reality. These three steps include an in-depth understanding of the previous paragraph and explain what you require to truly succeed in life and leverage this beautiful ability that many of us don’t use. It is not just imagination that makes a person successful because every person can dream. It is the ability to implement these ideas into reality that shapes success. Let’s understand how.

  1. Using imagination the right way is essential. If you think of something novel and feel that you can implement it in the real world, you need to do it. Often, many great ideas get lost in time just because people did not act on them. Every successful and unsuccessful person began with an idea, but those who implemented it and consciously decided to bring it to reality were the ones who became successful. And the ones who chose to let them slip by were the ones who remained mediocre and unsuccessful.
  2. Believing in your idea is crucial. Without the belief and the thought that you are good enough and that your vision is worthwhile, you will not give it the required attention, letting it pass by. If nobody were to believe in imagination and ideas, there would not have been any growth in human society. Also, belief is not something that comes in from birth. Belief is something that is developed over the years and is malleable. If you feel under-confident and don’t believe in yourself, then you can dismantle that belief. Imagination is the seed of our reality today, and therefore, the identities that we form with ourselves base themselves on imagination. You can use your imagination to start believing in yourself. What you merely need to do is think that you believe in yourself. Yes, that’s all you need to do. When you continuously imagine that you believe in yourself and act accordingly, it will become your reality.
  3. All successful people have one more thing in common apart from imagination— the ability to take concrete action. Your ideas and your vision won’t make any difference unless you consciously dedicate yourself to bringing them into reality. The light bulb, the airplane, and civilization would all have remained a dream if Edison, the Wright brothers, and our ancestors did not take action towards their imagination with confidence. Without effort, there is no result. You need to take action and dedicate yourself to bringing your ideas into reality, no matter what they may be.

I will mention again, imagination is the seed of all our reality, and understanding how to use it to the fullest will completely change the way we live our lives today. If every person on this planet used their creative potential properly, then our civilization’s growth would be unimaginable. Use your imagination. Come up with indigenous ideas, implement them into reality, and you will be amazed by the success you achieve.

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