JUNE 14, 2020

The ancestor of every action is a thought.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our thoughts work non-stop 24/7, even in our sleep. They come and go away in a second until and unless you decide to dwell on them. Well, if you can consciously become aware of your thoughts, you will gain control of a power within yourself that will help you creatively manifest your desires and goals mentally and then into reality.

   In a day, a person has about 60,000 thoughts on average and it is impossible to control all 60,000 thoughts. So, what does it mean to consciously become aware of them? It means that notice the thoughts and let them go when they are of no importance to the current task you are doing. For example:-  You are running on a treadmill, so your main focus needs to be on the treadmill and keeping your balance. Now while running, a thought comes to you about the birthday party you need to attend today evening and you start to think about the games, food, people and activities there, and as soon as you go into that thought, your focus from the treadmill wavers and you lose your balance and then you fall down on the treadmill. You think that this was bad luck and you push it away as you are being treated on your wounds. 

   I feel that all of you have recognised the mistake here. It was dwelling on the thoughts that took you away from your current task. What you should have done was just noticed that thought and let it go away. How do you do that? Well, let’s continue with the example above. You are on the treadmill and you start to dwell on the thought of the birthday party. You notice it and you swiftly bring back your attention to your grip on the treadmill handle and the movement of your legs. When you don’t give a thought its required attention, it goes away. This is what it is to consciously become aware of your thoughts. Many thoughts just come and go so fast that we don’t even recognise them. But those we do recognise must not be a distraction to our current task thus wavering our focus. 

   We have learnt about consciously becoming aware of our thoughts and now we will learn how we can use them to manifest our goals and desires into reality. Thoughts just don’t come to us randomly; a certain impulse, feeling, person, voice, sight, sound and smell always provoke our thoughts. So if we mentally provide our thoughts with a stimulus of having achieved our goal, we will be able to modify and manage our thoughts to make our goals a reality in the mind. Let’s dive deeper into this.

   Our thoughts don’t judge anything as right or wrong, real or fake and good or bad. It is what meaning we give to them based on our experiences, and beliefs that decide the good or bad, the right or wrong and the real or fake. So, if you visualise being somewhere or with someone when you aren’t, your thoughts will not be judging until and unless you do that yourself. This is a major power you have which will help you manifest your goals.

   Now we know that we can trick our thoughts into believing that something is real and something isn’t. Now, we need to work on our visualisation in order to make it seem real. The first thing you should do is make your visualisation as vivid as you can. You need to think of it as if you have it with yourself right now in the moment. A mundane visualisation will be vague and will not seem very real, thus not being very effective.

   The third and the last thing to do is very important. It is repetition. Yes, you need to repeat all these vivid visualisations in order to really make your mind believe it is real. The more you repeat, the more it believes. Why does your mind believe your current situation is real? It believes this because it can see you living in your current situation repeatedly. Repetition is the key to making the visualisation work…

   Once you have created and manifested your goals in your mind, you will be able to work towards them and achieve them. Once you have the control over your thoughts this way, you can make any dream a reality. You only need to have the determination to work towards it.

   Have dreams, believe in them, visualise them turning into reality, work towards them, and… YOU WILL ACHIEVE THEM!!!