The festival of Love, Valentine’s Day, is just around the corner! Every year, as we approach the 14th of February, the feeling of love starts to rise throughout the world. We see millions of posts with the tag #HappyValentinesDay, all displaying a beautiful wall of love, happiness, joy, and roses!

Now that special day, Valentine’s day, is just a week away. It represents love, passion, and a feeling of true companionship! It gives us the opportunity to express our love and make our loved ones feel truly special. And following that spirit of Valentine’s Day, let’s begin a new series: a Week of Love, where we connect every single day till Valentine’s Day, to not only celebrate love, but to also understand and nurture it better in our lives!

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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day: Why it’s important?

Valentine’s week is pretty cheesy in most schools. In my school, everyone would try to figure out which students had a crush on each other, and send cards across classrooms. We’re teenagers, after all! And the whole week, from Rose day to chocolate day, and finally till Valentine’s day, most classrooms smelled of good flowers, and chocolates being exchanged were a common sight in the hallway. In those moments, it was fun to see that fantasy- like love blossom, but it was also a reminder of the truly romantic nature of Valentine’s Day!

And that’s something that matters. While we tend to ignore those teenage moments, they sometimes hold the true essence of Valentine’s Day: expressing love.

That’s all there is to it, right? It’s that one special day in the whole year where you get the chance to make your partner feel truly loved, and to show them how much they really matter to you. And if you’re going through a rough patch in your relationship, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to smooth it out!

That’s why this day is important. While it means a lot of different things to different people, it shares a universal feeling of love, and expressing it in the most creative ways. We’re going to do the same in this week of love, but with a slight surprise!

Will You Love Yourself this Valentine’s Day?

I hope that question didn’t catch you off-guard! Because it’s the most important one you’re going to answer this Valentine’s Day!

Most of us think that Valentine’s Day, as we discussed, is for expressing our love and our deep feelings of adoration and appreciation for the person we love. But the reality is a little different. Valentine’s day is about expressing and acknowledging love, but it’s not limited to the romantic relationships that we have. It goes far and beyond. And it also acknowledges one of the most important relationships that you’ll have in your life: the one with yourself.

While many of you will go out to buy gifts for your loved ones, don’t forget to appreciate, acknowledge, and work towards enriching and nurturing the relationship that you have with yourself!

So, will you love yourself this Valentine’s day? Only your actions will tell… How? Continue to read on!

Start this Valentine’s Day With Yourself

Life is an inside out journey, in every aspect. Whether it’s work, friendships, or a relationship, all of it begins with you at its core. Therefore, the energy that you feel within, the messaging that’s rooted in you, is what reflects out into everything else that you do.

That’s why, even though Valentine’s Day is about expressing love and appreciating the people who matter to you, it actually begins with you.

And now, I have a question for you. What’s the way you generally talk to yourself? What are the kind of thoughts that you constantly have about yourself? Do you talk to yourself with love, with compassion, and with care? Or do you neglect your feelings, talk down to yourself, and make yourself feel stupid, feel like you can’t figure anything out, and that you mess everything up?

For most of us, it’s the second kind of thoughts that are the reality. We often don’t treat ourselves with kindness. And the sad truth is that we would think twice, if not thrice, before even building up the courage to say such things to the people around us. We treat ourselves in such harsh ways that we become our biggest enemy and stop ourselves from progressing.

Now, you don’t want your loved ones to feel that you think about them this way, right? You want them to feel that you care, you love them, and you are compassionate. But life’s an inside out journey. So, will you really be able to communicate these feelings to them if you don’t feel that way about yourself?

You can pretend, but trust me, you won’t be able to hold that facade for long.

It’s time to bring in a better solution: changing the way we think of ourselves. That’s the best gift we can give to ourselves this Valentine’s Day.

How do you think about the person you love?

It’s time to switch things up a little bit! Instead of trying to think differently about ourselves than we do about our loved ones, why don’t we start thinking about ourselves the way we think about the person that we love?

That’s the fastest way to change our thoughts and make love a part of our lives: inside and out!

Ask yourself, “How do I think about my partner?” And note down all the feelings of respect, appreciation, awe, compassion, and a lot more that come up. Let all those positive feelings out.

Now, change the phrases and attach your name to these feelings of joy and happiness. Once you do, your love, your passion will feel so much more sincere and true, because it’s genuinely coming from your heart!

This Valentine’s week, focus on nurturing your love for yourself, and that love will flow out into all relationships in your life!

Let’s start this week of love, by changing the way we think of ourselves!