When I was around nine years old, I would go to my local park every evening to play with my friends or read a book. And before I came back, I’d do a very small thing which meant the world to me!

I would stop by the bushes, examine them for a minute, and then pluck out a flower that really popped out to me. I’d go back home with the flower in hand and give it to my mom. She would always say thank you and the next day, I would look for an even bigger and better flower! And no matter what, her enthusiasm would be the same. She would be just as surprised! I don’t remember how long I did this for, but it’s one of the best memories of my life. It felt really good at that time!

In fact, it still does, when I look back at it in remembrance! That’s the special thing about love. Whether it’s your parents, siblings, friends or your partner, making someone feel special, feel loved, and feel good is one of the best feelings in the world! And that’s something Valentine’s Day symbolizes.

Valentine's Day Quote about Expressing love
Valentine’s Day

What’s Valentine’s Day for?

In yesterday’s post, the first one in this week of Love, we talked extensively about the importance of Valentine’s Day and how it’s the perfect opportunity to express your love for someone. It gives you the chance to show through your actions and your words, just how grateful you are to have that person in your life. It’s the one day where you spend all your time to appreciate their presence and make them feel the most special person!

Expression is the core of Valentine’s day. And just like any other thing, you need specific tools in your arsenal to express in the best way. You must know what makes expression truly powerful and impactful, and I have just the tool for you!

The Most Powerful Tool For Expression: Words

You look at almost any aspect of your life, and you’ll find that the most common and most understood tool for expression and communication is language. In fact, without words and language, this week of love won’t be possible at all! 😅

Why is that? Words make it so much easier to communicate clearly. When we know a language, we attach meaning to those specific sounds and when they are placed in a specific structure, we understand what the other person is really trying to communicate. The reason this feels really easy is because society is aligned in a language first manner. We see it everywhere. From the highway billboards to classroom discussions and heated debates at home. Language is the enabler of communication.

And a truly critical part of this whole equation is the way we understand and interpret a language and the words that are being said to us. Without that, they’ll just feel like random sounds. If someone is yelling at you in a language that you don’t know, you’ll probably sense that something is wrong but you won’t be able to understand anything, right? So, as much as words matter, so does the meaning you attach to them.

The Importance of the right Words in Relationships

Do you remember your school days and those parent-teacher meetings? Many of us dreaded going to these meetings. Why? Because either your parents or your teacher would complain to the other about your behaviour, your marks, and many more things. Seeing your teachers, and even more, your parents talk down on you and point out everything that’s wrong, really hurts. It feels bad, because those are the people you look up to, and seeing them say these things about you shifts your mindset in negative ways.

It’s the same with our relationships, with others and with ourselves. When you’re having a fight with someone, you might not mean those bad things that you said, but you never know how it could have affected them and made them feel about you and themselves. And when those words get said in any relationship, everything starts cracking up, and sometimes, it becomes too late to sort it out.

Therefore, it’s critical to choose the right words, in the right manner, not only with the person you love, but with yourself too.

Choose The Right Words This Valentine’s Day

So, why not prevent those cracks from coming up instead of trying to do damage control later on? Why not start choosing our words carefully and consciously from this Valentine’s and make sure our right intention is what goes through? And above all, why not start that with ourselves and heal the wounds within?

You’ll never want to talk down to your loved ones, right? So, don’t do that with yourself. 

You’ll never want to make your partner feel as if you’re disappointed in them, right? Then don’t use that tone and those kinds of words for yourself. 

Use positive, encouraging words, and even when things go south, try to learn from them instead of blaming yourself and saying that you’re stupid. Accept those mistakes and say that you can improve. This slight shift within will lead to a ripple effect of positivity across your life, and make your relationships even more fulfilling, meaningful, and enriching!