Something that really strikes me as odd is how limiting our view of “Love” is. I remember that in school, whenever there was any kind of talk about love, the boys would start laughing, as if it was some restricted or unusual thing. That’s because most of them just looked at this word “Love” through the shades of romance, and nothing else.

Most people, like my classmates, believe that love is just a romantic feeling, thanks to the millions of love songs that come out literally every day. But the reality is so different. Romantic feelings are just a tiny tiny part of the whole feeling of love. It encompasses so much more! And when we discover that part of love, it truly changes our life and Valentine’s Day too!

So, are you ready to find that out?

Valentine's Day quote about how love expands beyond romantic relationships.
Valentine’s Day

Is Love bound to any limits?

I’m sure a lot of you have this question, because right now, we have abolished one of the biggest limits around love that we had. So was romance the only limit there was or are there other limits too on what love is and what isn’t?

Well, there really isn’t a very direct and clear answer to this because love itself is a very complex and flowing feeling. Think of it as water. We know it exists, but can anyone define the shape, size, and limits of water? No, right? It’s not possible because water itself isn’t a solid thing that we can see. Water flows and adapts. Instead of having it’s own distinct shape, it takes up the shape of the container it is in. If it’s in a bowl, it will fill the bowl. If it’s in a bottle, it will fill up the bottle. And if you spill it on the floor, it spread everywhere. 

Love is the same. It’s meaning, it’s perception, and all of its other characteristics change with our perspecitve on love; exactly how different sunshades make the world look different when we wear them.

If romance is your perspective, that’s what love will feel like. Those butterflies in your stomach with fly high, and it will feel exciting and new.

But love can also be something that exists between two friends who share everything with each other and know they have a shoulder to cry on. Love is also something a parent and a child share. Love is also something you share with your pet dog or cat. And above all, love can also be a feeling two strangers share, in a moment of kindness. Yes, that’s love too.

Love expands far and beyond the boundaries of romance, all you need to do is have to courage to look at it that way. All you need is the courage to tap into the kindness in your heart and put it out. All you need to do is look at love, in a way you may never have before. 

So, are you ready to make this Valentine’s Day a truly special, impactful, and powerful one? After all, it’s a celebration of love, and if we’re celebrating love, we should celebrate it to the fullest and acknowledge every form that it exists in!

This Valentine’s Day, what does love mean to you?

Valentine’s day is tomorrow. We’re very near to the end of this week of love, and that’s why, before we move forward, I feel it’s super important for us to figure out what love really means to you, and what’s the aspect of love that matters to you. 

Why is that important? Because love is one of the most intimate, personal, and subjective experiences in our lives. It goes far and beyond physical attraction and connection. It’s a feeling that transmutes into all areas of your life and changes it forever in one way or another. And if you can really make it clear what that experience means to you, it will become so much more special and meaningful for you.

So, maybe in the notes on your phone, a document on your laptop, or in your diary, take a moment to pause, and write down what this experience of love means to you.

Makes Kindness Your Priority this Valentine’s Day!

Now that you know what love means for you this Valentine’s day, let’s expand it far and beyond with kindness. The reason I bring this up is because the love that we feel within is the strongest of all, and when we give selflessly, that love increases multifold. I don’t know what the connection is, but love is the one thing that grows more when you give it out more and more. So, why not do it this Valentine’s Day?

While you go out to celebrate with the person you love, plan something to give back to your community, or to your family, or to whatever cause you feel truly connected to. Maybe you could go to an orphanage near you and share the love with the children there. Maybe you could help the stray dogs around your area get rescued and fostered into new homes. Maybe, you could gift some books or other meaningful gifts to your friends or coworkers. Maybe you could help the elderly lady living next to you cross the road, get to the grocery store, and help her handle those groceries. It doesn’t have to be anything big. All you need to do is be kind and spread the love. 

It gives a whole new meaning to Valentine’s Day, right? Let’s start spreading love far and beyond, and with that, we will truly honor the spirit of love and take the impact of Valentine’s Day on a whole new level!

Let’s do that and end this week of love on a high! I’ll see you tomorrow!