July 31, 2019

The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.

-Warren Buffet

Saying no doesn’t take hours, it is a matter of seconds. But still a part of us is not comfortable in rejecting. Our mind doesn’t tell us why, and this secret of the mind is revealed…..today!!!

This is what happens in Mike’s life on a typical day….

“Will you please complete this assignment for me?” Lina asks.

“Yes” replies Mike.

“Will you please complete your project report today and mail it to me by 9?” asks his boss.

“For sure.” answers Mike.

“Can you give me the balance sheet and profit loss account for the past month by lunch?” requests Jack.

“Definitely.” assures Mike.

“Wow….. can you please make the next weekend’s trip planner by 6” asks Daniel.

” Yes I will do it.” is Mike’s reply.

In this scenario, Mike is in a position where he has to do a lot more than his own work and takes the burden, this burden makes him take more stress and he just ends up making a mess. I am sure no one wants to be in this situation, But then why don’t we just say no? What is that fear inside us which makes us take so much stress and pressure??????

The answer lies here……. We do not reject because there is a fear inside us which tells us that if we reject someone else’s request, then we offend them and we break all the friendliness that exists between us and the other person. Is this really true???? No. It is just the fear that makes us think like this unconsciously and then we react accordingly. This is just another game that our fearful mind plays with us. It is upon us how we defend ourselves and play well in the game and win….

“No”. This two letter word might be small, but it holds a lot of power in it. Just saying no can make you feel better and less pressurized. If you decline a request politely, the other person won’t feel offended, they will feel better. How???? When you deny, they will gain the courage to deny one of your requests when they can’t do that specific task. They will know that you will not feel offended as you also know that it is okay to deny a request.

The power of the word “no” should be used accordingly for everyone’s benefit. If you can fulfill the request afterwards, you should give the other person that option. If they don’t agree, it is their choice and you have to then accept it and move forward.

“LIFE IS TO EXPRESS, NOT TO IMPRESS” This principle is very important. You have a purpose to come on this planet. Express that purpose and yourself. If you work for impressing other people the whole day, you will end up being upset with your own self at the end of the day…… Your life is like a ship and you are the captain. You have the choice to take it wherever you want to. You have the right to say NO, without feeling guilty….

Thank you so so so much for reading this blog and I hope this has helped to contribute something or the other to your life!!! 

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