AUGUST 26, 2021

Do you know any person around you who doesn’t want to be successful?

Do you have a friend who says, “I’ll live an unhappy, mediocre, and unsuccessful life.”?

The answer would be no because no one consciously chooses to remain unsuccessful.

Everyone in this world wants to be successful.

But does everyone become successful? 

No. Only 5% of people in this world become successful because they take specific actions that other people don’t.

These actions aren’t some big and majestic steps; they are simple daily habits that successful people build. If you build these habits as well, your success will skyrocket.

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What are the habits of successful people?

It may sound trivial, but the habits that successful people have aren’t very extraordinary or out of this world. These habits are simple mindset shifts that prepare you for success.

To achieve anything in life, you need some skills. If you want to get the highest grade at school, you need to practice productive studying habits. If you want to become a champion athlete, you need to have the skills and habits that make you one.

In the same way, if you want to achieve success in life, you need to have the skills required to achieve that success.

These habits make up those skills. 

Remember: Doing these things once will never get you any results. After reading this blog post, you’ll feel motivated, but you won’t see any results or benefits if you don’t do these things consistently. Consistency creates habits. 

These are the five habits of successful people that you need in your life: –

Habit 1: Quick Action Taking

Successful people don’t wait. Instead, they jump onto any opportunity they see and then improve along the way. 

On the other hand, unsuccessful people doubt these opportunities. They come up with excuses and keep procrastinating just because they don’t want to take action.

If you want to become successful and actually create the life of your dreams, you need to build the habit of taking action quickly. 

And by quickly, I don’t mean in a few hours or a few days. Taking quick action means starting right away. 

If you are in a book store and come across a book that will help you, don’t wait to get home, check it out online, and maybe buy it the next day or next week. If it is in front of you, get it right away and start reading.

If you know that video editing is a critical skill for your career growth, don’t do other things and postpone video editing. Instead, find a course or go to YouTube to start learning right now.

When I found out about the world of blogging, I did not procrastinate. Right then and there, I created my website and wrote my first blog post on habits. 

Build the habit of taking quick action, and you will get into the league of successful people. 

Habit 2: Accept Your Past and Current Situation

How many times have you sat down wondering about how your past was unfair and negative or how you are at a very low point in your life right now?

Most of us are guilty of doing this. 

But you can’t change your past, right? There is no time machine that you can use to alter your past actions, decisions, and choices. However, if you keep focusing on your past, you are surely setting yourself for future failure. 

Remember, successful people only focus on their future goals and vision. 

“But what if I am in a bad situation right now? How can I not think of it?” 

If you are in a negative situation or a low point right now, don’t focus on how things are going wrong for you. Assume responsibility for your life and ask yourself, “How can I improve my life and get to my goals?”

You can’t change your past or how you ended up where you are. But the actions you take from this moment on will decide where you end up in your future. 

Habit 3: Find Opportunity in Every Situation

Successful people fail.

Unsuccessful people also fail.

The only difference is, unsuccessful people think that failure is final, and successful people think failure is just the beginning. 

Dealing with failure is difficult. But you need to know that it is not the final apocalypse that will end the world. 

Forget about the apocalypse; even the person who lives five houses next to you won’t know that you failed. 

What are you afraid of, then?

Successful people don’t think this way. They don’t let fear of failure consume them. They change their mindset and start believing that there are opportunities even in defeat. 

Instead of thinking of failure as the final apocalypse and creating anxiety, take responsibility for your success and ask yourself, “What can I now do to keep working towards my goals?”

If you have complete clarity of your goal and vision and you assume responsibility by asking, “What can I do?” you change the whole equation and get in control.

Small mindset shifts go a long way in helping you achieve success and deal with failure.

Habit 4: Focus on Your Priorities

If you want to get in the league of top performers, you need absolute focus on whatever matters the most to you. 

When you are passionate and obsessed with what you want to achieve, it really won’t matter to you if you miss the latest movie launch or a new series that comes on to Netflix. It won’t matter to you if you miss a late-night party with your friends because you know that you are doing something purposeful and impactful in your life.

If you feel like you want to watch a movie while you are still working, or if you are constantly thinking about that party you are missing, two things may be going wrong. 

First, you may just have chosen to do something you don’t like, and you need to reconsider your priorities. If this is the case, you need to reflect on what your main purpose and goal are and whether your work is aligned with that or not.

Second, you may be lacking focus, and you are unable to concentrate. Lack of focus usually comes from a lack of clarity. If you are unclear on your purpose or your goal, then you need that clarity first. With that clarity, you need to know some ways or strategies that you can use to improve your focus, and you can find them in this blog post I wrote about how to improve your focus. 

Now that you know your priorities and have a strategy for improving your focus, you will start enjoying your work and generating results. 

Habit 5: Remove excess clutter. 

Look at your workspace or the place where you spend most of your time. Is it clean and organized, or is it cluttered?

If it is organized, you would naturally feel motivated to come in and start working. But if it is cluttered and things are flying everywhere, you won’t focus or concentrate on what you want to do.

That’s why you need to remove excess clutter from your surroundings and make sure that your work environment is clean and welcoming. 

Do the same with your mental environment. If your mind is cluttered with all kinds of thoughts and worries, you won’t be able to think with clarity and focus. 

Declutter your mind. Meditation can help you do that very well. Take a few deep breaths and focus on your natural breathing pattern. This exercise brings you to the present moment and allows you to think clearly.


If you develop these five habits, you will get into the league of the top 5% in this world because the unsuccessful and mediocre people who remain in the bottom 95% don’t do these things. 

And remember, building these habits will take time. If you want to understand the exact process of building habits, read my blog post on how to build habits.

What do you choose now? A life full of mediocrity without these habits or a happy, successful, and majestic life that these habits will help you build?

Partnering in your success, happiness, and growth,