JANUARY 31, 2021

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

—Coco Chanel

Do you think that you are important and valuable? Of course, you do. But, do you implement this thought in your life and consciously prioritize yourself? The answer changes.

Self-worth, self-love, and self-importance are critical aspects that define our outlook towards life and then define our life. If we pity ourselves and attach inferiority to our identity through our thoughts, that is who we become. If we encourage ourselves and attach success to our identity through our thoughts, that is what we get. Our perspective of ourselves changes everything.

But, can we change this perspective itself? Can we redefine our thoughts to redefine and consciously choose our life? Yes, we can. That’s why we need to learn how to build self-worth.

What is self-worth?

Before we learn how to change our perspective and redefine our lives, we need to understand the meaning of self-worth. According to collinsdictionary.com, the definition of self-worth is, “Self-worth is the feeling that you have good qualities and have achieved good things.” And that covers the main essence of it. Self-worth means valuing yourself and believing in your ability to do great things.

When you have self-worth, you naturally become confident. You start to care for yourself and give time to improve yourself.

Why is self-worth important?

Self-worth is important because it helps you break your limits and live the best life. It helps you get past the barrier of worrying about your image in the eyes of other people. It enables you to overcome inhibitions and negative thoughts that may persist in your mind, and it shatters all inferior beliefs. It gives you the chance to live freely, happily, and extraordinarily!

Now, who wouldn’t want that!

How to build self-worth?

Let’s get to the action! Now is the time to finally build self-worth and launch yourself to success! Remember, building self-worth is not a one-time project like the Burj Khalifa. Building self-worth is an on-going and ever-evolving process like building Dubai, Paris, or any city in the world. No city stays the same, and no city is perfect. But some cities shine and truly stand out through their glory. That’s the same with every human being, and you need to shine and stand out through your glory. That’s what self-worth is capable of!

Image by Evren Ozdemir from Pixabay

There are four things that you need to do to build self-worth and a new you:

  1. Believe that you are important.
  2. Stop worrying about other people’s opinions.
  3. Focus on your growth.
  4. Take self-worthy actions.

Believe that you are important.

Many people don’t like to admit this, but they think that prioritizing yourself and focusing on self-care, self-importance, and self-love is selfish. If you consider that all these words have the prefix self-, then it may sound a little too self-ish, but the reality is the opposite.

Your actions and thoughts are a reflection of you. Therefore, you cannot love anyone else without self-love. You cannot care for someone else without self-care, and you cannot give importance and acknowledgment to someone else without realizing your self-importance. You can act as if you are giving care, love, and importance, but it won’t be truthfully deep until you have these feelings for yourself.

Try it out. Say to yourself for some time, “I hate myself. I don’t love myself. I don’t care for myself.” And then try to care for and love a family member. It just won’t happen. Say to yourself, “I am not important. I am insignificant.” And then try to acknowledge and appreciate someone for the vital role they play. It won’t come out from depth and true acknowledgment.

Acknowledge yourself, love yourself, give yourself importance, and care for yourself, because only then you will be able to provide all of these to the people around you.

Stop worrying about other people’s opinions.

The biggest killer of self-worth is constantly worrying about what people think of you. Everyone has different thoughts and opinions, so you cannot realistically keep an account of all of them and try to act on them. Therefore, the best thing for you to do is to take feedback and consider it, but there is no need to worry about the other person’s thoughts constantly. You are building your self-worth, identity, and importance, so there is no need to worry about someone else’s opinion on that.

Focus on your growth.

After setting the beliefs and cutting out the clutter of what other people think, you need to focus on your growth. As I said, building self-worth is a constant process, just like building a city. And if you want to shine through your glory, you need to grow and develop. Therefore, you need to continually focus on growing as a person and bringing more value to the world through your relations and work. When you focus on your growth and make progress, your self-worth naturally increases because you know that you are doing great!

Take self-worthy actions.

Ideas and beliefs are just ideas and beliefs; they are not reality. Execution and aligned actions turn them into reality. Your belief system is smart, and it does not accept everything immediately. You need to continually feed it with the idea that you are self-worthy and value yourself. Repetition will set these thoughts right in, but the work doesn’t end here.

You need to take actions that align with your belief in having self-worth. You need to work towards your goals and strive to give your best in the work that matters to you. You need to take action and transform your reality. That’s when your perspective starts to change, then your outlook towards life changes, and finally, your life changes.

You are important. You are worthy. You are caring. You are loving. And you need to give all this to yourself because you deserve all this!

I sincerely thank you for taking out time to read this post. I have tried my best to make it worth your time, and I hope it was! Do share your learning, feedback, and questions in the comments below, and I will surely reply!

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