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2 Ways to Develop a Growth Mindset

APRIL 9, 2022 We all rely on motivation, thinking that it will get us to success. What we don’t know is that motivation is the friend who’ll be the first one to stab us in the back as soon as we turn around. Relying on it is very risky. When everything is going great,...

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Goals Vs Habits: What Should You Focus On?

APRIL 1, 2022 On the journey to success, there are many choices that we have to make. We are always at various crossroads where we have to decide, should we go to the right or should we go to the left? But above all of this, one debate that rises like cream on top of...

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3 Ways to Avoid Negativity

MARCH 4, 2022 We all hate it. We want to get rid of it. But, it never really goes away from our lives? What is this mysterious thing that doesn’t even go away when we want it to? Negativity. We don’t want any negativity, yet every day at our homes, workplaces, and...

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How to Deal With Failures?

FEBRUARY 17, 2022 Let’s face it. We all fail sometimes or the other in our lives. And when we fail, we feel broken down, negative, and sad. We don’t think about dealing with that failure; all we think about is giving up and running away from that situation. It hurts a...

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Let’s Demystify Toxic Productivity

JANUARY 27, 2021 In the last two years of the pandemic, the one thing that we’ve thrown out of the window is BALANCE. There is no line between our personal lives and our professional lives. We wake up and have our phones and laptops in our hands. We go to bed, and...

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How To Be Confident? | 5 Powerful Ways

JANUARY 20, 2022 One question that I get asked a lot is, “Prabhsimrat. how are you so confident?” And every time I hear this question, a smile comes on my face. It brings a flashback of my journey of becoming confident that began two years ago. Yes, even I was...

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